Anthony DiGiovannantonio, depicted here, is a fine artist who does just about every medium of art including : acrylic, oil, pastel, watercolor to pen & ink to color pencil to pencil sketching. Working with art often places him in a different state of mind. He is much at ease when he paints or draws.    

     He expresses his love of life in his work. He has painted and drawn everything from landscapes, portraits, vehicles (mostly cars) to still-lives. Like many passionate artists, he got started at a very young age; in fact he first started drawing at the age of four.

    His biggest passion in art is cars, which is what what triggered him to have a love for art from the start which is what got him to started in his career in art. Much  of the artwork on this website is for sale; other you will see art art commissions that he sold although he still want to display them.  He will happily accept any legitimate offers; additionally, Anthony would be proud to do any art commission. He also does fine photography as well and has a fine DSLR Camaro which he shoots only in manual.  Where he also has over 20 photos of all his artwork and photography combined. He can be reached at 518-377-2039 or